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Product Marketing is the discipline that links the Product and Business teams. At the crossroads of Marketing, Sales and Customer Success (generally called Customer Service), the Product Marketing Manager works alongside the Product Manager. As an expert on the customer, the market and the business, the Product Marketing Manager focuses on the offer. He or she is the leader of the go-to-market strategy.

Understanding the competition, knowing how to position his product and communicating effectively are the weapons of a PMM to ensure coherence between the need and the business.

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What are the trends? Where are the business opportunities? Where are your competitors going?



What image should your customers see in you?



What pricing strategy should be put in place to ensure sustainable growth?



How should you address your customers? What arguments should you put forward? 



How can you ensure that your prospects and customers are aware of your news?



Implement internal processes and tools to help your marketing and sales teams achieve their objectives

We help you grow and structure your product marketing teams

Zero training ? 

Training in this discipline in France is impossible. While this role has existed for decades in industry and retail, it is only in the last few years that the tech sector has been looking for product marketing profiles specific to digital products. Most Product Marketing Managers have been trained on the job, after one or more experiences in Product, Marketing or Customer businesses.

That was before !

We are passionate and generous. We love to share our experience, question what we know. Always hungry for knowledge. Consultants working hard with humility.

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A better understanding of product marketing

What is product marketing

If you ask Captain Obvious, Product Marketing is the discipline that bridges the gap between "Product" (implied Management) and Marketing.

If you want to explore this further, here is the article we wrote on the role of the Product Marketing Manager and here is our video on the subject. Because it's still a good question !

Product Marketing Manager vs Product Manager: what are the differences ?

In a few words: the Product Manager is responsible for creating the Product while the Product Marketing Manager is responsible for creating the offer. Together they work hand in hand for the success of the Product.

Understanding the market and the buyer can make all the difference to your competitors in the tech industry. Indeed, any successful digital product must meet its Product Market Fit. And while the Product aspect is mastered by the Product Manager, market knowledge should never be neglected.

When can I recruit my first PMM?

From a business point of view, a PMM will be useful as soon as you have found your Product-Market fit. Indeed, once you have validated the market's appetite for your offer, the PMM will be your best asset to convince your target to use your product.

From an organisational point of view, it is worth considering recruiting a PMM when you have a team of 2 or 3 Product Managers. His arrival will bring coherence to the Product side, and relieve them of certain tasks that often fall to them in the absence of a PMM (product launch, market analysis...).

Should PMM be related to Product or Marketing?

A thorny question! There is no good answer: a PMM attached to the Product will more easily have an impact on the Product roadmap but may lose sight of the business issues. Conversely, a PMM attached to Marketing will find it easier to coordinate its Go-to-Market and work on Messaging.

You must therefore take into account your organisation and your expectations for this role when making your decision.

Does it make sense to split the roles of PM and PMM?

"But the roles of PM and PMM are not separate in our company" you might say!

Indeed, this is the case in many organisations, especially smaller ones. But it is a complex situation that requires careful prioritisation and organisation of time. Indeed, it is very difficult to maintain a full PM role (including both discovery and delivery) while ensuring that product marketing tasks are completed.

Very often, Product Marketing responsibilities are distributed: the PM integrates market research into his discovery. At the same time, the Marketing team tries to understand the product as well as possible and create impactful messages.

For their part, Sales tries to sell with the language elements they build. A far from ideal situation if you want to have an optimal organisation!

What skills are needed to be a PMM?

🙌 Pedagogy: he or she must be able to empower the messengers ;
😖 Empathy: he or she must understand the stakes, the functioning and the constraints of Marketing and Product;
💰 Business sensitivity: he or she must know and understand the buyers and the competition;
📢 Communication: he or she must be able to define and spread the right message
⌛ Execution skills: he or she must be able to carry out the Go To Market effectively by coordinating the various stakeholders.

How to align the PMM objectives with the Product and Marketing teams at the same time?

OKRs are a way of organising objectives to align with the objectives of a Product Marketing Manager. Indeed, it is not uncommon for the reporting relationship to introduce a bias: a PMM managed by a CMO will have a very business-like tinge with its associated objectives, a PMM managed by a CPO will be very user-oriented.

It is therefore advisable to use a global objective methodology such as OKRs to ensure that the PMM can have as much impact on the Marketing side as on the Product side.