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Our Product Coaches help you to switch from a traditional organisation to a Product organisation.

We coach you on short iterative cycles to change the way you work and set up a sustainable Product culture.

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Organise your Product team

We can operate at various levels
a company, a Product or a feature of this Product.


Analyse the existing organisation

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

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Define Product governance

From strategic vision to tactics, from Design to Delivery

Build a successful Product organisation

Develop the skills of your teams in specific fields of expertise


Build Product career paths

Build job descriptions and development opportunities


Train and coach teams and management

Product teams and stakeholders: everyone is concerned if we want an effective transformation


Disseminate the Product culture

Leave to infuse for as long as necessary. Like a cup of tea.

Thiga is not a standard
consulting firm. We combine:

The rigour of a consulting firm
& the culture of a startup

Thiga was born in the tech ecosystem.

We are co-founders of La Product Conference and have been identified in the 25 Top Linkedin Startups in 2018.

We are proud to be able to trigger inspiring practices within the Product community.

A strategic and
operational know-how

We are passionate and generous. We love to share our experience, question what we know. Always hungry for knowledge. Consultants working hard with humility.

Product Design, Product Marketing, Product Ownership, Coaching, Product Organization: we have a wide range of expertise.

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Any question ? We got some answers!

What is a Product Organisation ?

Placing Product at the heart of the organisations enables companies to offer a unique digital experience.

To explain it properly, we even wrote a book about it ! Our Product Academy "Product Oriented Organisations"  presents, in a first chapter, what are the necessary roles to conceive, develop and promote your products.

What is the best Product Organization structure ?

While we don’t believe there’s a single “magical” organisational structure that you can simply duplicate everywhere, in our book we outline the common traits of the most successful product organisations. You can access it here. 

How to integrate Product Design into a Product organisation ?

When the Product Design team is small, from 1 to 4 members, its organisational model is simple: a unique team that meets all the product design needs of the organisation. All design decisions are made by a single expert or a small group of people. In this configuration, the integration of Product Design into Product teams is not formalised. Indeed, a simple workflow is established and requests are processed as and when required, with often informal communication within the Product Design team.

However, this organisation is under severe stress as soon as the company is confronted with friction related to its growth. Indeed, the proliferation of Product Designers may impact product standards and the speed of execution: degradation of the brand image, lower product usability, compliance issues between what is asked and what is achieved. As the team grows, the issue of workload distribution and validation will arise.

How to assess my Product team maturity ?

At Thiga, we developed our own card deck to assess the maturity of our teams and identify our steps forward. And we've decided to share it with you!

Test a simple and playful method, a card game ready to be cut out and to complete your toolbox. You have the cards in hand, it’s up to you!

Available in French here and in Spanish here.