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Product Design is the art of putting all the methodologies and techniques of user experience at the service of the strategy, design and performance of a Product, throughout its life cycle. The Product Designer works closely with Product Managers and developers to best meet the needs of users.

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Define your product strategy

We can operate at various levels
a company, a Product or a feature of this Product.


Setting up discovery

user interviews and observation, personas, jobs-to-be-done


Generating ideas

Facilitating your workshops
of co-design, ideation and solutions: Lightning decision jam, Crazy 8, Six to One


Design your user paths

Et quoniam inedia gravi adflictabantur, locum petivere Paleas nomine, vergentem in mare


Prototype an intuitive experience

Storyboards, wireframes, mock-up

Improve your product

Build on all the previous steps and prioritise the improvements to be made


Train you

Que vous soyez Product Designer, Lead Designer, Design System Manager ou Head of Design

What are the Product Design courses?

This is us!

There is not just one good course

Our mission? To bring out the best in product teams! Thiga Academy supports you throughout your career in Product. We've designed a Product Management career framework.

Taking a Thiga training course is both a breath of fresh air and a shot of adrenaline! You get your head out of the game, take a step back, and leave with plenty of actionable examples to help you move forward in your product career.

From our Product Designer training to our Head of Product training, via Product soft skills, we help you to strengthen your skills or to take a step back in your job! Click here to find out about the next sessions 🤫

Thiga Academy supports your teams

Tech companies are fighting for product talent. They know that this is where their success lies.

Our mission? To bring out the best in your product teams! Thiga's team training is both a breath of fresh air and an adrenaline rush! It's a team building experience where the team takes a step back, and leaves with plenty of actionable examples. There is a before and after in terms of maturity and cohesion.

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With our Product, Design and Product Marketing tribes, we can meet the challenges faced by international teams. Our experts are based in France and Spain.


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Our methodology

Design Thinking

Advice on methodologies and best practices to boost your growth and ensure, step by step […]

Lean Startup & Lean UX

Les méthodes Lean permettent de confronter une solution au marché via une boucle “build-measure-learn” très courte pour atteindre le Product Market Fit plus rapidement possible .

Scrum & Kanban

C’est une évidence aujourd’hui, mais nous n’intervenons que dans des contextes de delivery agile.

Agile UX

L’UX s’intègre et suit le rythme des itérations dans les process de développement agile tels que Scrum et Kanban.

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Any question ? We got some answers!

What is Product Design?

Customer eXperience, Service Design, UX Design, Product Design, ... it's confusing but it's not! Product Design aims to build the best possible user experience with a Product culture. In a few words, Product Design is an evolution of UX Design that is based on Product culture and it is now booming. 

And by the way, we have dedicated a book to it: download "Product Design in a Product Organisation" for free.

What is the difference between UX Design and Product Design?

The goal of Product Design? To build the best possible user experience with a Product culture! Its purpose is similar to UX Design. So is its toolbox. However, Product Design is based on a different mindset and a broader perspective: Product Culture. As with Product Management, it involves many changes in the way we work on a daily basis and places particular emphasis on strong collaboration with Product Managers and Techs. For a more in-depth look at the issue, we have also written an article: Draw me a Product Designer.

What is the role of a product designer?

The Product Designer job is an evolution of the UX Design job based on the Product culture.  As such, the Product Designer : 

  • Takes into account the company's business challenges in addition to user needs.  The Product Designer creates an experience that meets the needs of users and the strategic objectives of the company. He/she takes into account the company's long-term vision in his/her thinking.
  • Has a global vision of the product when making decisions. The Product Designer constantly reflects on the impact that new functionalities may have. For example, he/she is careful not to pile on features if this degrades the promise of the product.
  • Collaborates in an agile way with other disciplines such as Product Managers, Developers, etc. In this way, the Product Designer understands the issues and problems of the different stakeholders of the Product. He/she co-constructs his/her work, gives visibility to his/her work and integrates everyone's constraints. 
  • Works in sustainable, results-oriented product teams. The Product Designer, like the rest of the team, is invested in the long term. He experiments continuously in order to maximise the value generated (outcome). Design has its own KPIs linked to the Product vision. For Product Designers, the release of a new feature (output) is not an end in itself.
  • Has an MVP logic. The Product Designer does not seek perfection in either User Research or in the Design of the Product's functionality. His level of investment depends on the risk and the expected ROI of each feature. However, he adapts his vision in the long term to make his design sustainable over time.

What are the skills of a product designer?

As a separate discipline from design, the product designer is a new profession with its own set of skills. 

At Thiga, we believe that a product designer's unique skill set is to have a sufficiently broad spectrum of skills to build a product by understanding the entire user experience, as well as the economic issues that are related to it. 

Conception, UI Design, Soft Skills, Development, Content, Product Ownership & Analytics, User Research and Facilitation: these are the 8 distinct skill families that are part of our full-stack skill model. We have detailed them in this article.

How to integrate product design into a product organisation?

When the Product Design team is still small, there's nothing tricky about it, but the multiplication of Product Designers runs the risk of losing coherence at the level of the Product and the speed of execution. So how do you go about it?
There are 3 ways of integrating Product Design into your organisation:

  • Product Design in a centralised organisation: a centralised team makes all design decisions, which are then applied to one or more Products;
  • Product Design in a decentralised organisation: full integration with the Product teams;
  • Product Design centralised at tribal level: in the model we advocate, the central unit is the tribe. It is made up of squads that work on issues that are very similar from a user experience point of view. More in line with the current challenges of a product organisation, this is the one we recommend most often.

To understand everything and to go deeper into the subject, we have written an article on the subject and the 3rd chapter of our book on Product Design is dedicated to it.