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Product Management is the core discipline of tech companies, the one that made them successful!

It bridges the gap between business issues, user experience and technology.

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We help you grow in Product Management

Our Product Managers help you to:


Build your product strategy

Which product to develop? Who should it be for? How to evaluate your market?


Understand your users

Conducting user tests, doing discovery at scale


Ensure delivery

Build and prioritize the backlog, assure the quality and impact of the product


Grow your product

Gain new users and work on retention, choose new features


Adopt a true Product organization

Work with product decision makers and executive board to bring the product to the top of the organization.


Train yourself

Our Product Management training catalog is the most complete on the market!

What are the training courses
in Product Management ?

There is not only one good training

Product Management is a young and unstandardized discipline... and sometimes it's a bit foggy for Product Managers on how to progress!

Product is a job of opportunity, and a PM's career is rarely a straight line. We have trained more than 4000 Product Managers: no two careers are alike!

We can advise you on how to meet your needs.

Thiga Academy coaches your teams 

Tech companies are fighting for product talents. They know that this is where their success lies.

Our mission? To bring out the best in your product teams! Thiga's team training is both a breath of fresh air and an adrenaline rush! It's a team building experience where the team takes a step back and comes away with lots of actionable examples. There is a before and after in terms of maturity and cohesion.

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Any question ? We got some answers!

What is Product Management?

Product teams, those who do Product Management, are at the crossroads of business, technology and marketing. Their role is to make sure that the product is appealing, that is, that it simply attracts users, makes them want to discover it and use it regularly.
Obviously, it is essential that the product is viable from a business point of view: that its market is large enough, that there is a real enthusiasm among users who want to acquire the product. Finally, Product Management must guarantee the feasibility of the product, thanks to the skills of the teams.
The roles of Product Managers, for example, are the transposition to the tech world of the traditional job of product manager, well known in industry. The emergence of technology companies has resulted in the professionalization of digital professions: Product Manager, UX designer, SEO, DevOps, etc.

Product Owner vs Product Manager: what are the differences?

The term Product Owner is defined by the Scrum Guide. It is therefore well known to agile teams. At Thiga, we believe that Product Owner is not a job, but a role within the team, focused on delivery. In contrast, Product Manager is a full-fledged job, including discovery, product strategy and delivery. If you want a detailed explanation of these differences, we wrote a very comprehensive article on Product careers and here is the video. Let's face it: many companies use one word for the other. Here is an article about the role of a product manager and the role of a product owner.

What is a Product Ops?

A role has recently emerged in Product organizations: the Product Ops. To draw a parallel with the DevOps role, these professionals have a dual role. They "ease" the life and tasks of devs by :

  • Providing the means and processes for release so that devs only worry about the quality of their code;
  • guaranteeing the robustness of the release process by automating a maximum number of tasks and tests.

The role of Product Ops is described here.

Which Product Managers to recruit in startups, scaleups or large corporations?

As a consulting agency, we are often asked the question of recruitment by our clients, of all sizes and in all industries. We have therefore designed a Product Manager job sheet: In this article, we identify the different profiles of Product Managers to recruit in your team according to the life cycle of your Product. It is aimed at the entrepreneur, the Lead Product, the CPO, and the manager of a large group whose product portfolio is growing.