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There were only a handful of Product Managers in France in 2014. Around 500, no more.

Hugo and Alexandre, our two founders, were among the first ones to see the value of this discipline and that’s how it all started...


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The Manifesto

When it comes to the creation of physical products, Product Management is already an established discipline.

As early as the 1920s, large industrial companies were manufacturing products and defining, documenting and refining the processes that we use today.

Conversely, Digital Product Management is still in its amateur stages.

Many companies are still fumbling in the dark, the roles are shifting, theoretical foundations still in their infancy.

Product will be the new standard.

Tomorrow, all businesses will create digital products. Digital won’t be considered as a distribution channel or a nice-to-have. Product will be at the heart of companies’ strategy, and the Chief Product Officer on the board of all major companies.

Thiga shares the top of the cream of Product Management and Product Design.

For us, theory and practice go hand in hand. Always with humility and without losing our smiles, Thiga helps organisations gain product maturity by advising them, accompanying them with experienced Product Managers and training them.

Thiga is a team of generous experts who share their knowledge.

Thiga has been at the heart of the product community in France. Established in 2014, Thiga leads the community with Product Events (La Product Conf and LPCx), Product Books and the first French language blog dedicated to the Product. It has now opened a branch in Spain and thrives in evangelising on Product there.

To the infinity and beyond!

Our journey starts HERE!



Hugo Geissmann and Alexandre Irrmann-Tézé create Thiga.



The 10th Thiguy joins the team



We publish our first book on Product Management

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We co-organise the first La Product Conf



Thiga buys Akamis a company specialised in Product Growth



We publish our second book on Product Growth

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We publish our third book, on Product Oriented Organisations.

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We cross the Pyrenees and open an office in Madrid, Spain.



We publish our fourth book, on Product Design.

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And more to come!

Our Thigirls & Thiguys

We are passionate and generous.

We love to share our experience, question what we know. Always hungry for knowledge. Consultants working hard with humility.

Product Design, Product Marketing, Product Ownership, Coaching, Product Organization: we have a wide range of expertise.

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We are agile Product Management, Product Design and Product Marketing consultants.

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